Leatherstocking Ballet, Inc.

The Leatherstocking Ballet holds its classes at the Midtown Utica Community Center (MUCC) 
43 Scott Street Utica, NY

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Auditions for Spring 2023 Performance

Acro for dancers
Acrobatic Arts certified syllabus.

Progressing Ballet Technique certified instructor.
Leatherstocking Ballet, Inc.

COVID Information and Student Health Screening
Attending class-
Students will be expected to follow all current Department of Health guidelines when participating in classes including:

-using hand sanitizer

-wearing a mask as recommended

-observing social distancing recommendations 

- complete health screening when/as needed

Student name:______________________________________________

Student Dance Class Health Screening

Please circle YES or NO if you have observed or your child reports any of the following:

                        Cough                                                                                        YES      NO
                        Shortness of Breath                                                                   YES      NO
                        Fever                                                                                          YES      NO
                            If yes, what was the temperature?____________
                            Have you been given Advil or Tylenol?                                  YES      NO
                        Chills                                                                                           YES      NO
                        Muscle Pain                                                                                YES      NO
                        Sore Throat                                                                                 YES      NO
                        Loss of taste or smell                                                                  YES      NO
                        GI Symptoms-nausea, vomiting, diarrhea                                   YES      NO
                        Tested positive for COVID-19                                                      YES      NO
                        Close contact with someone positive or suspected COVID-19   YES       NO

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